5 Things to Know About Life Coaching

Have you never heard of the term “life coaching” or maybe you’ve heard the term but not really sure exactly what that means? I was in the same place a few years ago, but it’s your lucky day! I’m going to share with you 5 things about Life Coaches and why you’ll want to have one.

What is a Life Coach?

A baseball team wouldn’t go to the College World Series without a baseball coach, the Eagles may not have won the Superbowl without a skilled football coach. Any serious athlete, for that matter, wouldn’t excel in their sport without a Coach. Life Coaches are basically personal coaches who help you excel at the game of life. They are not your best friend or a family member who is going to jump into your drama pool with you and say what you want to hear (sometimes that’s really all we want and that’s okay too). It’s not a co-worker who will show pity with your self-induced suffering. A Life Coach is someone who is going to be objective, show you a different perspective, and help you rewire your brain so you can get the results you want.

Life Coaching is not a regulated industry, so basically anyone can call themselves a Life Coach and you really don’t know what you’ll get. You don’t need to have any particular certification or training to become a Life Coach, but I personally would recommend seeking out a Life Coach that does have some type of formal coach training. I attended The Life Coach School and was trained by one of the top Master Coaches in the country, Brooke Castillo. There are other schools and programs out there that teach coaching as well. I personally chose this style of coaching because I love how future-focused it is and I am super passionate about what Brooke Castillo teaches and find it to be the most useful for the clients I work with.

Just like there are good and bad doctors, dentists, therapists and hairdressers there are also good and bad Life Coaches. I’ve experienced the good and the bad with all of these and found that the key is to do your research and find someone that is a good fit for YOU. Most coaches offer a free mini-session which is a perfect opportunity to try them out. 

Not All Are Alike

If you’ve experienced one Life Coach, you haven’t experienced them all. Not all Life Coaches are the same. Just like doctors have various specialties, Life Coaches have various niches and skill levels. One Life Coach may focus on helping you hold yourself accountable for reaching a goal. Another one may help you get organized or managed your time. Which Life Coach is right for YOU will all depend on what you are looking for and if what they teach and how they coach is in line with the results you want in your life. If you’ve had a poor experience with a Life Coach in the past, give it another try. They probably just weren’t the right fit for you. 

Who It Is For

Life Coaching is for everyday people with everyday problems. It’s for healthy, functioning individuals who just want to take their life from good to great. It’s for those of us who have an “okay” life and we’re “fine” but fine isn’t good enough…we want AMAZING!

I had heard the term “Life Coaching” for many years but didn’t really know much about it. While searching my podcast app on my phone for anything that would make me feel better,  I discovered what Life Coaching is and how powerful it can be. My life wasn’t bad and I wasn’t going through anything that I thought necessitated therapy or counseling. I was just feeling like there was something missing and was having a little difficulty with everyday challenges in life with parenting, my career, relationships, etc. That’s when I came across Brooke Castillo’s podcast. It was a game changer for me. Some people binge-watch Netflix. I binge-listened to her podcast. Then I got my own life coach who happened to be trained by Brooke and changes started to happen. I started to see my value in life. My confidence started to increase. I stopped resisting my life so much and found the courage to walk through the fear instead of avoiding it. My relationships in my life improved and I started living life with more intention. It wasn’t easy and I’m always a work in progress. It’s sometimes uncomfortable and requires effort on my part but it’s totally worth it!

Maybe you want to overcome some fear and self-doubt, improve a relationship or reach a goal. Life Coaching is for high-functioning individuals, like you and me, who might just be a little stuck or want to make some changes in their life (big or small). It’s for people who just want to feel better.

“What if fine isn’t good enough? What if I want extraordinary?” -Will Smith (Hitch)

Practical Tools You Can Use

One of the things I love about the approach that Brooke uses is that she teaches practical tools you can apply to any area of your life. I can literally overcome any obstacle, solve any problem and face any challenge using the tools she has taught me. There is just something about having a solid tool you can actually use and easily apply that just makes everything click. These tools and concepts are seriously amazing! They teach you how to take back your power that you’ve been giving away to someone or something else. They give YOU control of the outcomes in your life!

It’s Not Therapy

A question I get from clients most often is “how is coaching different from therapy or counseling?” There are some similarities and both are useful in their own way.

“Coaching focuses on self-exploration, self-knowledge, professional development, performance enhancement and better self-management. Therapy seeks to heal emotional wounds. Coaching takes clients to the highest levels of performance and life satisfaction. Therapy seeks to bring clients from a dysfunctional place to a healthy functioning level. Coaching rarely asks about your childhood or family life. Therapy continuously explores early-childhood, family and relationship issues of the past.”

-William “Bill” Cole

I’ve been through therapy in the past (for over a year) and it was extremely helpful at that stage in my life when I was trying to overcome emotional wounds and suffering from extreme anxiety. It taught me how things from my childhood and past experiences were affecting my life at that moment. It was very insightful but once I understood how my past was impacting my life and how I showed up, I became tired of rehashing past stories over and over and was ready to move forward. I was tired of essentially punching myself. That’s where having a Life Coach opened me up to a whole new perspective.

Let’s talk about therapy for a minute though. There are various types of therapy, but the one I’m most familiar with in my experience is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which was created to address psychological disorders and take people from non-functioning to functioning. A therapist can treat mental disorders and diseases such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction, bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, etc. In those cases, therapy and even medication are extremely helpful and I would highly recommend it. In many cases of an emotionally or physically traumatic event, therapy is needed to heal in order to be able to move forward.

Life Coaching, on the other hand, is extremely useful if you’re ready to take some forward movement. As a Life Coach, I can help you see more clearly the thoughts that your brain is offering you. I show you your mind, without judgment, so that you can own it and create the results you want. Being aware of your thoughts and what they are creating in your life helps create new thoughts that better serve you. Did you know that our brain lies to us?! Our brain does this on purpose in an attempt to protect us. It’s just how we’re wired as humans. The type of Life Coaching I do helps you recognize when your brain is trying to protect you in a way that is no longer useful to you. I help you see yourself and any situation in your life as it truly is instead of through the foggy lenses you’ve been viewing life through for so long. Every single one of us has this foggy lensed view of our life. It’s completely normal and just part of the human experience. But I can help you clean up your glasses to see what’s possible.

If you crave personal or professional growth and think that with a little help you could become the very best version of yourself and 10x your life, CLICK HERE to work with me. You can even try it for free to make sure it’s the right fit for you!


Stacy R. Landry

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