Creating the Confidence to Turn Your Dream Life into a Reality

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You’re an ambitious working mom who wants to have it all. You can see it right in front of you. You want a fulfilling, successful career and an amazing home life. You know what you want your life to look like, and you long to have it. You have big dreams and goals that you want to achieve…maybe you’ve even have started working towards them.

There’s only one problem…self-doubt and the lack of confidence to manage it all and achieve the level of success you want in your career keeps getting in your way. It keeps you stuck or sabotaging your own success. It repeatedly prevents you from following through on creating the life and career you really want and keeps you stuck in indecision, overwhelm and confusion.

Do You Find Yourself Playing Small?

You’re not going after what you really want.

If only you could quiet the whispers of self-doubt that constantly rise up. Then you could create the business you’ve always wanted, or going back to school. Then you might get that promotion you’ve been wanting or make the leap to a new career. If only you could have more confidence, you could finally have it all…without sacrificing the home life you want.

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Hi! I'm Stacy

I know what it’s like to have that self-doubt always creeping up and keeping you from creating the life you want. I know how you feel and I have the answers for you. That whisper of self-doubt kept me stuck for way too long. It kept me playing small and blocked me from going after my dreams.

I know you feel like there is something more for you out there. That you are meant for more. 

I can help you tackle the overwhelming self-doubt and gain the confidence you need to make your dream life happen.

I Know What You're Thinking

“But I can’t do that. I’m just not cut out for that.”

You have a million reasons why you think you can’t do it. 

But listen carefully…

You can do it! You can create anything you want in your life. I’m going to show you how. After working with me, you’ll have tools that you can use to create whatever you want, not only in your career but also in your relationships, with your health, and with your family. 

I’ll help you overcome your limiting beliefs and combat the self-critical thoughts that keep holding you back. I’ll show you why you feel this way and what to do about it. I’ll help you believe that you are worthy, capable and good enough. I will give you tools and techniques that will help you blow your own mind when you think about what is possible in your life.

I Can Help

In my 6-week virtual coaching program, I will help you get to a place where you start taking action to create the results you want, rather than just thinking or talking about it. 

Together, we’ll get you unstuck and moving forward so you can turn your dream into a reality. 

Here’s What We’ll Cover…

Week #1-The Secret to Building Confidence

I’ll teach you the one tool that will help you build the confidence you need to create anything you want in your life. 

Week #2- Discover How to Stop Playing Small

Discover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from taking massive action and how to overcome them. 

Week #3-Tackle Self-Doubt and Overwhelm Like a Pro

You’ll learn what to do with the self-doubt, overwhelm and fear when it comes up and how to take action in the face of these negative emotions.

What if you could create anything you want?

Week #4-How to Be Your Best Self

Learn how to be your own best supporter, mentor, and advocate so you can drop the self-doubt and show up the way you want to in your career/business. 

Week #5-Create a Doable Plan for Achieving Your Goals

I’ll help you create a doable plan for achieving your #1 desire.

Week 6-Be the CEO of Your Life

Learn my secrets for managing it all and getting the most done in the least amount of time so you gain forward momentum in creating the life you want.

Contact Me


Let’s discover where you’re getting stuck and how I can help you!

Just email me at stacy@joyfulblooming.com and let’s get started making your dream life a reality.