Is Your Story Hurting You?

We create our lives mostly with our minds. While sharing your story with someone can be very powerful, reiterating it without ever changing it isn’t useful. The only way the past can affect you now is if you create a situation where you’re currently a victim. This is great news! Because people from your past do NOT have power over you anymore.

“The story you tell yourself is exactly what holds you back”  – Jordan Belfort

If I asked you to think about your life and focus on everything wonderful that happened to you, you could make a case that you’ve had a wonderful life. And if I asked you to only think about your life focusing on everything bad that happened, you could make an equally as strong case that your life was wonderful. The story you tell yourself about your past will depend on what you’re choosing to focus on.

You can choose to look at your life as though everything was meant to happen exactly the way it did. Seeing life through this lens enables you to create the life you were meant to have.

I love what Dan Sullivan, author of “The Laws of Lifetime Growth”, teaches. He says that you get to take from your past what you want and leave the rest behind. YOU get to decide what you want to think about. You get to DECIDE what you’re going to make it

Notice what story you’re telling about your past. Is it painful or causing problems in your life now?

You can change your story at any time. You can choose freedom! It’s no longer necessary for you to suffer.

I would love to hear, in the comments below, what story you’re going to tell yourself in 2019.

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Stacy R. Landry


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