Do you want to feel better today?

Want to Feel Better?

I remember at one time asking myself, “Which would I rather more…to be in a relationship or to be happy?”

The conclusion I came to…”If I was happy, I wouldn’t care so much about being in a relationship.” Mind blown! The whole reason I wanted to be in a relationship so badly was that I believed that being in a relationship equaled happiness. That’s a total lie.

The only reason any of us ever want anything is because of how we think it will make us feel when we have it. It’s worth repeating…

The only reason we ever want anything is because of how we think it will make us FEEL

What Do You Want to Feel?

We want someone else in our life to make us feel happy. We want a better vehicle because it will make us feel safer. We want our kids to make good decisions so we can feel competent as a parent. We change jobs because we want to feel appreciated. We get a second job because we want to feel more secure. We want our spouses to help so we can feel less overwhelmed. We want a week vacation at a beach far away so we can feel relaxed. You get the idea.

Plug in anything that you want in your life. Then, ask yourself what it is you think this thing/relationship/accomplishment will make you feel. Happy? Good enough? Important? Secure? Safe? Valuable? If you have trouble coming up with the feeling, ask yourself “What will be different when I accomplish this goal or obtain this thing? What will be the same?”

Nothing Outside of You Causes It

How we feel is never the result of the circumstances or things in our life. Nothing outside of us causes us to feel anything. Most of us think that something happens in our life that makes us feel a certain way. We think that when we have, do or accomplish _____, THEN we will feel better. But how we feel is ALWAYS created by a thought.

Best News Ever

This is great news…it means that we never have to wait to have or do something in order to feel better. We can feel better right now if we choose to. We have all the power!

If we want to feel love, we can think loving thoughts on purpose. If we want to feel at peace, we can think thoughts that bring us peace. If we want to have fun, we can choose to think anything is fun. If we want to feel happy, we can think about things that make us feel happy. We can create whatever feeling we want.

The key to feeling better in our mind.

The only thing we need to do to feel better is to be aware of what we are feeling now, decide how we want to feel and then redirect our brain to thoughts (that we can believe) to help us feel that way.

So, how do you want to feel today?

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Stacy R. Landry

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