What to Do When You’re Feeling Stuck

Are you feeling stuck? In a relationship, job, house or place? 

I remember feeling stuck…for 5 whole years…wanting to change the circumstances. I hoped and prayed for something to change and made myself miserable denying the reality of the situation. 

What I learned is that we’re never really stuck. There’s always another choice…about what to do and more importantly about what you think. 

The feeling of being stuck comes from our thinking. Maybe it’s a thought like, “Well, I can’t leave because….” That thought creates the feeling of being stuck. When we stuck, what do we do? Nothing. We stay. And the result is that we prove to ourselves that we’re stuck. 

So, how do you get unstuck?

Start by looking at your thinking and asking yourself how you’d like to feel in your current situation. Without changing a thing about your circumstances, how do you want to feel? And what action would you like to take in this situation?

Then try on a thought that creates that feeling for you…a feeling that drives you to take that action. When you’re able to shift your feelings about circumstances, then you’ll have all the power to change your results. 

The truth is that no matter your current situation, you get to choose how you want to feel about it. You can feel bad (and sometimes you may want to) or you can feel happy or at peace. Changing your circumstances isn’t necessary to feel better…but managing your mind certainly is. You can feel happy in your current job, your marriage or your house and still choose to leave…just because it no longer serves you…not because you’re unhappy. 

That is freedom.

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Stacy R. Landry

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