Life is More Than a Highlight Reel

Why You Should Have More Than a “Highlight Reel”

Many people think that the goal in life is to just be happy. And we want to be happy all the time. So we resist and avoid feelings of discomfort, disappointment, and fear. Did you know that we are supposed to experience negative emotion?

We’re supposed to feel negative emotion. It’s how we even know that happiness exists. When we’re able to have negative feelings in our everyday lives, that is when we can even notice what happiness and joy feels like. Without negative emotion, we wouldn’t know that happiness existed. It’s like the ying and the yang. Without one, the other does not exist.

When we realize this, we can stop trying to push away unhappiness, disappointment and fear. The presence of negative emotion does not necessarily mean that something has gone terribly wrong.

Let’s take social media for example. Why do you think we only present our “highlight reel”…our most happy, joyful, loving selves on social media? Because we think that’s the way life is always supposed to be.

What if we were meant to feel negative emotion 50% of the time in our life? I truly believe this. We’re not supposed to always be sunshine and rainbows.

So, rather than trying to shed the negative emotion, this thought allows me to just open up to it and allow it to be there for a bit. It allows me to fully experience every array of emotion and to really live the human experience.

Feeling negative emotion isn’t difficult. Resisting them is where the hard work begins.

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Stacy R. Landry

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