Work with Me!

Are you ready to go on a journey of self-discovery so you can reinvent yourself and create the life you really want?

Let me show you how.

Here is what working with me will look like:

  1. We’ll start by booking a free 30 minute discovery call where we will talk about where you are and what you struggle with in your life. We’ll talk about what success in life looks like for you and how we can get you there. This call is all about you and what I can possibly do to serve you. I’ll also answer any questions you have about me or how coaching with me will work.
  2. We’ll work one-on-one together via Zoom, a video conferencing web application.
  3. You will leave our time together with some tools and ideas you can put into practice immediately.

What to Expect from your Free Discovery Call:

  1. You will have 30 minutes of my focused attention.
  2. I will ask questions so I can better understand your struggles and how I can help.
  3. You’ll get to ask as many questions as you need. 
  4. If you feel like we’re a great fit, I’ll tell you all about my six week program that will help you thrive after divorce!
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